Yoke Food Industries YFI Products OEM

Yoke Food Industries Sdn. Bhd., YFI

Established in June 1993.

YFI Located in Senai Technology Park in Senai, Malaysia. The company has invested over USD$50 million to set up a modernized factory in the land area over 10 acres Johor, Malaysia.

Our company has awarded with HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) from SGS Singapore and MOH Malaysia Singapore, JAKIM’s Halal Malaysia, MUI Halal certificate Indonesia, MeSTI (Malaysia’s Food Hygiene Regulations) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).


Our production lines has total production capacity of 75,000 cans per hour, consist of 4 aluminum can filling lines for 300ml, 250ml slim and stubby can. These production lines produced all kind of Asian drink e.g. bird’s nest drinks, soya bean drink, herbal tea, fruit juice with pulp, energy drink, coffee, tea, drinking water and more.

We also carry our house-brands such as Day Day, Juice Secret and Unifresh, incorporate different range of beverages of Asian soya bean drink, fruit juice, coffee, energy drink to tea drink.

USD$50 million
modernized factory
with over 10 acres
of land area

75,000 cans per hour, consist of 4 aluminum can filling lines

Can Types
Standard can (300ml & 325ml),
sleek can (325ml),
slim can (240ml & 250ml), and
Stubby can (250ml)

Our Products


Juice Secret Pineapple

Juice Secret Soursop

Innovative Research & Development and Quality Assurance Center

Our research and development center is where our beverage technologist strive to develop new products. Each product produced in YFI must gone through an highest standard of R&D processes to ensure the products are comply with health and nutritional regulations at the meantime preserving its best taste profile. A finished goods are commercially produced once it has passed a series of stringent tests by our R&D and QA.

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